CIS Summer Research Program

As Neoscholar's signature program, the CIS Program invites research professors from top universities around the world to guide students through research projects for a summer. Professors will work with our students closely for four weeks, during which students develop essential research skills and kick off their research projects. For 95% of our students, the CIS program represents their first-ever academic research experience in life!

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  • The CIS program is a month-long program that offers in-person research experience with professors from the world’s most renowned universities. Students collaborate in research groups of five and work closely with the professor and TA's to conduct research activities.   

  • The goal is for students to develop a research proposal, complete data collection, and work out a thesis draft, sometimes a critique paper draft. Students generally accomplish the paper 2-3 months after the program with helps from our TA’s and academic writing instructors.

  • The program runs between early-July to mid-August. The program is broken down into lectures, workshops, and research discussions, followed by professor office hours and TA sessions every weekday. 

  • In 2020, we launched a CIS Hybrid Program, which can be seen as a combination of online lectures and in-person research seminars. The online lectures are designed to help students establish the foundation in research and build knowledge in a subject, and the lectures are spread out. The research seminars focus on students' research project, where students work closely with our professors and TA's in person. 

Interested in learning more? Please leave us a message, and our team will provide program brochures and contact you directly with more information. We have identified a number of frequently asked questions from our professors and students.

My Professor is very knowledgeable and kind. As a professor, he is easy and delightful to communicate with. He is patient enough to answer any question that we have... Lots of meaningful interactions in class. My research group and I have received great feedback and help from the professor. Thank you!

Student from the 2020 CIS program


2020 has been a special year for all of us - our professors, our students, and our team at Neoscholar. After eight years of successfully hosting the CIS Program in Shanghai, China, our team made the decision to carry the entire program online in 2020. 


This meant having over 1,200 students on Zoom and the Neoscholar academic platform concurrently, but our team took on the challenge and accomplished one of the smoothest CIS Programs in history. In addition to the regular program sessions, our team invited health experts and economists to help our students understand COVID-19 and its health and economic impacts on webinars.

While our team had to pause on introducing our programs to India and Singapore in 2020, we successfully launched the first Hybrid Summer Program that combines short-term lectures with long-term research sessions.  

Neoscholar summer students 2020