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  • What is a regular day like in the CIS Summer Camp?
    Professors typically spend 2-4 hours per workday during the CIS Summer Camp. The hours are divided into two modules - lectures and research seminars. Research seminars involve research discussion and project guidance sessions, which are generally conducted on a group basis. Professors' research sessions are followed by academic instruction sessions by an instructor to ensure a smooth learning experience. After a day of hard work, our program staff members will organize fun events, group activities, sports competitions, and other extracurricular activities. Our professors and students have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other outside of classrooms and explore the local culture. Our team is dedicated to making the program experience a memorable one to everyone in our summer camp.
  • What is life like at the CIS Summer Camp?
    During the CIS summer research camp, most of our students live and dine on our partnering university campuses. Students will have a full on-campus experience with student cafeteria and dorms. Our professors live in hotels close to campus during the entirety of the program. Besides the high hotel standard, our team makes sure that the hotels have convenient access to transportations, restaurants, good internet access, and swimming pools.
  • How is a research course designed?
    Our professors have full authority in designing the structure of a program course. They have complete control over the general research directions, but almost all professors will make the decisions together with students. We require that professors design their lectures and discussion sessions with standards that align with the standards equivalent to their home academic institutions.
  • How are online research sessions structured?
    The schedule for an online research program is set one month before the program starts. During a regular school year, most of the online sessions take place over weekends to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Each professor will be assigned an academic instructor who is generally a master or PhD student. Online sessions are conducted through Zoom to ensure a seamless experience.
  • What is the program application process like?
    If you are interested in a particular program but have yet to become familiar with it, you can always contact us to request a program brochure. Once you are ready to start the application process, you will start filling out an application form here: A program advisor will contact you and work with you to identify the right program and research topic that best matches your academic pursuits. The advisor will then help you schedule an interview designed to evaluate your English skills and academic alignments. After you are admitted to our program successfully, our team will send you the program agreement for your review and signature. Once the program payment is confirmed, our team will send you a program preparation package with course information and tasks to be completed before your program course starts. Finally, the course starts!
  • Who are the students at Neoscholar?
    Neoscholar research programs are attended by high school, college, and graduate students from all over the world. Our students are selected based on their academic performance, English skills, and research interests. Students' qualifications are determined by a written application and a round of interview.
  • What is NeoSchool?
    The NeoSchool online learning platform is an in-house developed digital system that improves the learning and research experience for both the professors and students. The system allows live online sessions, real-time communication, and online discussions among course participants. NeoSchool adopts a unique evaluation and training system that helps students be better prepared for a coming research program.
  • What if I have a question that is not answered here?
    It's simple. You can drop us a message on the Contact section or send us an email to You can always request a program brochure from us if you are interested in a specific program.
Have Questions?

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