Frequently Asked Questions

What is a regular day like in the CIS program?

Professors typically spend six hours per workday during the four weeks in the CIS Program. The hours are divided into two modules: four hours for a mixture of lectures and research discussions, and two hours for office hours, which are available both on an individual and group basis. After a day of hard work, our program staff members will organize fun team events, sports competitions, and other extracurricular activities. Our professors and students also have plenty of opportunities to explore the culture, the food, the people, and a lot more locally. Our team is dedicated to making the program experience more memorable.

What are the living situations like in our CIS programs?

Most of our students live and dine on campus. For our campus in Shanghai, students eat at our cafeteria. For other campuses, it is usually a combination of cafeteria dining and dining services from local vendors. Our professors live in luxury hotels close to campus during the entirety of the program. Besides the high hotel standard, we also make sure that the hotel has convenient access to transportations, restaurants, good internet access.

How is an online research class conducted?

The schedule for an online research class is set one month before the program starts. During the school year, most of the online sessions take place over weekends to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Each professor will be assigned a TA who is also knowledgeable in the same research area. The TA starts the Zoom session 15 minutes before the scheduled session start. During a lecture session, the professors can decide on whether to provide mic access to all students to encourage interactions. Students can also submit their questions into the discussion panel. The TA will also help facilitate online communications to ensure a smooth online learning experience.

Who are the students at Neoscholar?

CIS program is attended mostly by high school and college students from all over the world. Our students are selected based on their academic performance, writing skills, and interests in research. These are determined by an application process and a round of interview. However, due to the difference in students' class standing, students are divided into two groups, basic and advanced. This helps our professors can provide more tailored content to each group. Of course, there are high school students who are advanced enough in a research area to be in the college-level group.

How are the research projects structured?

Our professors have full authority in designing the structure of a session, be it the four-week CIS program and the ten-week online program. Professors also have complete control over the general research directions, but almost all professors would like to make the decisions together with students. We require that professors should structure their lectures and discussion sessions with standards that align with the standards in their home university.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

It's simple. You are always welcome to drop us a message on the Contact section. You can also send us an email to We're here to help!

What is the OLH?

The Neoscholar Online Learning Hub (OLH) is an in-house developed online education platform that improves the research education experience for both professors and students. It allows real-time communication and online discussions among project participants. In addition, it adopts a unique evaluation and training system that helps students better prepare for a coming research program. The OLH is designed to provide tools to help professors reduce workload and students to succeed in their projects.

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