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Neoscholar one-on-one research mentorship

Research Mentorship Opportunities

We focus on bringing more tailored, immersive, and top-tier research opportunities to students, aiming to transform them from learners to qualified researchers.


Students participating in the research mentorship programs are selected based on their academic background, maturity, and drive to contribute to the academic realm. 

Research Assistant Incubator Program

Throughout the program, our research mentors will help students develop pivotal research skills and prepare them as qualified research assistants. We will then help students secure RA positions at world-class universities and labs, bringing students' research experience to the next level.


Our research mentorship program participants are students who have shown interest in academic research and have the ambition to pursue higher academic achievements.


Generally, students admitted to the One-on-one Research Mentorship Program either have an original research idea or have a specific research interest. This way, we can match the student with an esteemed scholar with the best-aligned background. Working with a faculty mentor, students will receive constructive feedback and significantly advance their research progress.


In addition to research interests, students have to demonstrate the ability to learn through their current academic background and accomplishments. It is also very beneficial for students to have a programming and statistics background, but it is not a hard requirement as we have courses to help students develop these skills.

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