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Neoscholar one-on-one research mentorship

One-On-One Research Mentorship

The one-on-one research mentorship program offers a highly tailored, exclusive, and top-tier research experience to students, which transforms them from a learner to a scholar. Students participating in the research mentorship program are selected based on their academic background, academic maturity, and the drive to contribute to the academic realm. Apply today or contact us to learn more!


Our research mentorship program participants are students who have shown interest in academic research and have ambition to obtain major academic achievements. 

In the one-on-one mentorship program, the participant will spend individualized and high-quality time with a university professor to work together on a research project, receive constructive feedback, and bring their projects to the next level. This is the same experience that students will have in a top-ranked PhD program working with a faculty advisor.

While each mentorship program is different, students have reached impressive milestones, including co-authoring paper with influential researchers, becoming editors of top-selling books, presenting research recommendations to the R20 Regions of Climate Action, and publish their own research paper on peer reviewed journals.

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