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CIS Summer Research Program

As Neoscholar's signature program co-developed with the leading education nonprofit SixThirty Group, the CIS Summer Research Camp invites professors from top universities around the world to guide students through a comprehensive research journey. The program offers a fully-immersive research experience, during which students will develop essential research skills and work side-by-side with an esteemed researcher. For most of our students, the CIS experience represents their first-ever research journey in life.

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  • The CIS Summer Research Camp is a two-week long program that offers in-person research experience with professors from the world’s most renowned universities. Students collaborate in research groups of five and work closely with the professor and academic instructors to accomplish research tasks.   

  • The goal is for students to develop a research thesis, complete data collection, and work out a draft research paper. Students continue to work on their research paper after the program with helps and feedback from our teaching assistants, academic writing instructors, and journal editors.

  • The program generally runs between July and August on university campuses, across US, UK, Singapore, and China. It is divided into lectures, workshops and research discussion sessions, accompanied by professors' office hours and teaching assistants' academic support sessions. 

Interested in learning more? Please leave us a message, and our team will provide program brochures and contact you directly with more information. We have identified a number of frequently asked questions from our professors and students.

My Professor is very knowledgeable and kind. As a professor, he is easy and delightful to communicate with. He is patient enough to answer any question that we have... Lots of meaningful interactions in class. My research group and I have received great feedback and help from the professor. Thank you!

Student from the 2023 CIS program


After three years of hosting the CIS Summer Program online, we are finally returning to university campuses for an in-person summer program in 2023. ​


The three years of COVID restrictions were indeed very long, and most students had developed "Zoom fatigue." And that makes the 2023 CIS Summer Program especially special and exciting. For many of our students, our program is the first time that they can work with teammates and learn from a university professor in person. ​


What makes an in-person research journey so special? The CIS Summer Program provides a fully immersive research environment that has proven to be effective in fostering lifelong research abilities. Working side-by-side with a seasoned researcher and research team members makes research fun and engaging.


More importantly, besides lectures and discussions, there is so much that professors can do to make it an impactful journey for students! The photo to the right is an exclusive ByteDance HQ visit, arranged by our marketing professor through her student (now an executive of Tiktok).

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