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With our online and in-person research programs, Neoscholar is where many first research journey starts.


Neoscholar is where many students accomplish their first academic research projects. Research is never just about studying a subject; it often requires dedication, creativity, exploration, and courage to explore beyond the existing subject boundaries, all of which are pivotal to students' future success. Neoscholar Education is committed to introducing academic research early into students' learning adventures.


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Summer Program

The CIS Summer Program invites educators from world-class research universities to guide students through academic research projects for a full month of immersive research experience in summer.

Neoscholar educator

My Professor is very knowledgeable and kind. As a professor, he is easy and delightful to communicate with. He is patient enough to answer any question that we have... Lots of meaningful interactions in class. My research group and I have received great feedback and help from the professor. Thank you!

Student from the 2022 CIS Summer Program
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Online Research Programs

With the CIS Online and IEMP programs, online research programs grant a flexible and modern approach to deliver unique research-based learning experience to our students. Our in-house NeoSchool online system provides a seamless learning experience to our instructors and students.

My Professor is very approachable, and his lecture is also very attractive. He gave a lot of suggestions and substantial help to my capstone project, and I like his tutoring very much. Even if I had some logical holes in my presentation, he was very tolerant and patient. I really appreciate being his student.

Student from the 2023 CIS Online Program
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Mentorship Programs

We offer a variety of customized programs and research mentorship sessions. They include courses that we offer to our university partners to enrich their academic curriculums. We also offer one-on-one research mentorship opportunities designed to guide students through a comprehensive research experience and accomplish amazing results.

Neoscholar professor and students

Since Neoscholar Education was founded in the US in 2012, we have collaborated with hundreds of world-class instructors and witnessed thousands of students learn, grow, and complete their first research projects in the US, the UK, Canada, China, Singapore, and Korea. Dedicated to our belief in research-based learning, we are expanding our footprint to more regions and countries.

Have Questions?

Fill out this short form if you have any questions or to request a program brochure. You can directly email us at

For commonly asked questions, you can find answers on the FAQ

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