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Neoscholar research opportunities

More Opportunities

  • Hybrid Summer Programs

  • Research Mentorship with Distinguished Scholars

  • 1-on-1 Online Research Mentorship

The class is very meaningful to me. The professor is very kind and responsible, and the content of the class is easy to digest. Our teaching assistant is particularly responsible and very helpful in reviewing the content of the class. My classmates come from different countries, which is also a quite interesting experience for me.

Student from a 2019 online program

Neoscholar hybrid summer program
Summer Program

The hybrid summer program serves as an alternative to the Summer CIS Program. It offers a combination of online lectures and onsite research sessions.

Neoscholar experienced research scholars
Research Mentorship
with Distinguished Scholars

There is nothing more rewarding and memorable than working at an actual scientific research laboratory and learning on a daily basis with experienced research scholars.

Neoscholar 1 on 1 online research mentorship
1-on-1 Online
Research Mentorship

An advanced scientific research program for graduate students who have research directions or are working on research paper. 


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